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EFPS School Ambassadors

EFPS School Ambassadors are an integral part of school life. They work together as a team, making sure every   decision they make is underpinned by the school values – Ambition, Community and Equality.

They are the voices of the children at EFPS. They work hard to make sure all the children, their families and the community are valued and considered.

This year they will organise whole school events, contribute to whole school policies, discuss whole school concerns and issues and more importantly review and reflect on the decisions made throughout the year. 

2021-2022 EFPS School Ambassador

Celebrating Red Nose Day

2019-2020 School Councillors

Find out more about the School Ambassadors (written by the School Ambassadors):


2021-2021 representatives:



2019-2020 representatives:

  • Kiran is smart and is very social to everyone. Kiran loves all of the teachers and helps any one who needs it. She is a great school councillor as she comes up with superb ideas and never gives up.
  • Fathy is very smart and sporty. He is very sociable and can get along with everyone in the school. He is a brilliant team player. He is really nice and funny. He will cheer you up whenever you are upset.
  • Jessie is very smart and would help anyone in need. Just like Fathy, she is also very sporty.
  • Tiana is smart and sporty. She can get along with her peers and is also very funny. Her favourite subject is topic and she is an arty person.
  • Oliver is very smart and will help you whenever you want. He is very funny and is very fun to get along with. Just like the rest of us, he is very sporty.
  • Alexa: Just like the rest of us, she is a smart girl and comes with brilliant ideas. She is a very sociable and can get along with everyone in school
  • Maryam is smart and can get along with everyone. If you are upset, she is the person you would want to go to. Between you and me, she is better than any teacher or friend you have.
  • Mahek is friendly and will help in any situation. Mahek is sporty and smart. She is always on the go in class. She is helpful and kind and will always be there for any trouble.
  • Ethan is sporty and enjoys football. Ethan is social and has been in the school choir. He is funny and always has a smile on his face. He comes up with brilliant ideas.
  • Hana is very good at playing a trumpet and smart. Hana is friendly and sociable and has a great sense of humour.
  • Jamaal is clever and is brilliant at art as he is an Art Ambassador. Jamaal is kind and is Maryam’s brother.
  • Sophie very friendly and can get along with anyone in the class. She stands out and comes up with brilliant ideas.
  • Scarlett is very helpful. She has the best posture in the whole entire world and is also really, really kind.
  • Jenson, just like Scarlett, is kind, smart and helpful. He is kind to others and enjoys playing with his friends.
  • Jana is is funny and very clever. Jana is helpful and kind. She enjoys playing with her friends.
  • Anum is sociable and is an outgoing person.


What Are We Currently Working On?


January 2020

-A whole school survey: rewards for the highest earning pupil on Class Dojo each week

-Organising a school 'litter pick

-Organising World Book Day & Sports Relief events

-Consulting with the Headteacher about school uniform and PE kits

-Updating our website page & display board