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What is G.D.P.R?


The General Data Protection Regulation Law (G.D.P.R), 2018 aims to ensure that all personal data is protected and that organisations handling such data are held accountable for adopting appropriate measures.


Schools hold children's personal data both in electronic and paper format to help with meeting educational needs.


We work woth Judicium Consulting Limited who act as our Data Protection Officer (known as a D.P.O). They are responsible for the safe-keeping of personal data and support the school in ensuring that the appropriate measures and procedures are taken. 


Our D.P.O


Judicium Consulting Limited



Telephone: 020 326 9174


This page provides the relevant G.D.P.R policies at Elms Farm Primary School which set out how we collect and ensure the safety of personal data. 

**under construction**

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