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Reading at Elms Farm

The Masked Reader inspired by the Masked Singer from ITVAfter a sensational debut season in 2021, Elms Farm Primary School are pleased to announce Season 2 is here! Last years winners included The Fireman, Mr Egg, The Hound and The Unicorn...


Who will win Elms Farm Masked Reader 2022?

Each quiz has 50 as the maximum number of plays so if this number has been reached please try one of the other games to play:


Click on the link below to take part!

Game 4 below:

Game 4 Game PIN: 0180191

Game 3 below:

Masked Reader Game 3 Game PIN: 06712305


Game 2 below:

Masked Reader Game 2 Game PIN: 09897656


Game 1 below has already reached its maximum of 50 players!!

Elms Farm Masked Reader 2022 Kahoot Quiz World Book Day 2022

Game PIN: 06686003


The quiz live until March 20th 2022 so why not try it out at home??

Thanos promo World Book Day 2022

Read for your destiny. Read for power so that we may fall beneath our heels. I've searched the galaxy, yes for gem stones but also for books. This is destiny...

Dear parents and carers, Great news! Your child now has access to over 100 texts to read online. You can access them on any device connected to the internet. The system allows them to ‘borrow’ a book, which they can read at home and at school. Follow this simple guide to access the e-library.

STEP ONE: Go to 

STEP TWO: Log in with the username provided by your child’s school. To begin with, the password will be the same as the username.

STEP THREE: Allow your child to browse the books and select one that you feel is suitable. To select it, click ‘Full Details’ below the image of the book. Just like in a normal library, if someone else has borrowed the item, your child may need to wait for this one and in the meanwhile choose another story to enjoy.

STEP FOUR: Select ‘Read Online’. Depending on the book, you may be asked to choose how many days you would like the book for (between 7 and 14 days), then select the green button to begin reading the book. For some titles, you will skip this step and go straight to the book.

STEP FIVE: You can move through the book using the arrows at the top, the slider at the bottom, or the chapters on the side.

Your book is automatically returned on the date it’s due back, so you will never incur fines or late fees for books when using this e-reader system.

TOP TIPS: The bar at the top of the page allows you to change settings!

World Book Day 2022

World Book Day 2021 Finalists of Masked Reader Competition at Elms Farm Community School, Sheldon, Birmingham

Reading Treasures

World Book Day 2021 Reading Treasures Remote Home Learning Task Challenge!

World Book Day prizes for the best Reading Treasure Hoard photograph uploaded to Class Dojo! Watch the Video!

If you have enjoyed World Book Day 2021, we would love to hear your feedback.

We hope that you have enjoyed the activities today, including: trying to recognise our staff in our Masked Reader Competition, The Pirate Reading Treasure Video and Challenge, Virtual library and our other World Book Day themed links. Which Masked Reader would you vote for? Have a fabulous weekend and see you on Monday!