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At Elms Farm Primary School we have tailored our curriculum to meet the needs and interests of our children through our core values – ambition, community and equality. Our Subject Leaders ensure that the units are progressively taught and deliver the National Curriculum objectives for each subject area.


Our curriculum is tailored to deliver the key skills recommended by research produced by The Sutton Trust (2017) to enable pupils in similar contexts as Elms Farm to be ready for life beyond education. As our key priorities are reading, writing & mathematical skills, we also identify key texts to match to each unit with purposeful writing experiences and opportunities to develop mathematical skills in a real-life context.

Our Curriculum Intent

The EFPS Curriculum

Planning Subject Areas through Topic units: Ensuring progression

The children at Elms Farm enjoy presenting their work in double-page spreads. There are opportunities for writing threaded throughout our curriculum. 

Our topic display work

Our topic book work

The EFPS curriculum adheres to the Birmingham Curriculum Statement set out in the document below. 

How have we improved our Wider Curriculum?

Curriculum development journey document

If you require any further information about our curriculum please contact the school office on 0121 4644634.