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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Management Team


Maths Leader: J Shephard

Curriculum Leader: A Newark

Pastoral Team

Learning Mentor: D O'Neill

Learning Mentor: J Wilkinson

Attendance Leader & Family Support Worker: S Pettitt

Site & Administration Team

Site Manager: M Pastornicky

Senior Office Manager: S Rose

Receptionist: F Yasmeen

Teaching Staff

Nursery: Carle Class

Class Teacher & PSHE Lead: V Knight

Support Assistants: S Wagstaff


Ahlberg Class:

Class Teacher & Art Leader: H Field

Support Assistants: R Whitbread & A Ali


Donaldson Class:

Class Teacher & Geography Leader: H Mannion

Support Assistant: S Khatun

Year One:

Cadbury Class Teacher & Music Leader: C Shenton

Seacole Class Teacher: L Lovell


Support Assistant: S Smith

Year Two:

O'Keeffe Class Teacher: K Staff

Elgar Class Teacher & Curriculum Leader: A Newark


Support Assistant: H Bowden

Year Three:

Newton Class Teacher & DT Leader: A Parker

Hawking Class Teacher: S Habib


Support Assistant: R Hollyoak

Year Four:

Simmonds Class Teacher: L Morton

Lewis Class Teacher, ECT Lead, Educational Visit Coordinator & teacher: K Davies


HLTA & Forest Schools: J Hickin

Year Five:

Shakespeare Class Teacher: W Leckie

Bloom Class Teacher & Science Leader: R Osborne


Support Assistant L English

Year Six:

Duleep Class Teacher & P.E. Leader: A Stratford

Barnardo Class Teacher & History Leader: A McBride

Maths Leader & Teacher: J Shephard


H.L.T.A: B Willis

Support Assistants throughout the school:

A Mullis

L Large

P.E. Coaches commissioned by the school:

A Root

D Hetherington

R Cumberbatch

Breakfast Club:

S Lear

Lunchtime Supervisors