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Health For Life & Cooking

Cooking at Elms Farm

Elms Farm has been awarded the 'Health for Life' Award


Elms Farm is committed to ensuring that all pupils are taught the essential skills for a healthy lifestyle. Alongside our P.S.H.E and P.E curriculum, each year group is taught a progressive cooking curriculum linked to their topic for the half-term.

We regularly invite our parents to join in with special 'Cookery Workshops'. Our families love learning new recipes that they can make at home. They are so popular, we even have our own E.F.P.S Cookbook.


Have a look at our cooking curriculum further down the page. It is written by Mrs Lovell, our cookery teacher who regularly has a stall at school events serving very popular recipes to the community.


Let's Grow!

Mrs English and Mrs Smith run our gardening club in school. With our own gardening area, we are able to grow our own fruits and vegetables to cook with.


Well-being Wednesdays

We use 'Well-being Wednesdays' to focus on aspects of well-being in assembly, thinking about our physical, mental and emotional health. 

Learning Journey

Reception made a fruit salad. It was delicious!

Reception children had fun making Jamaican rice with their parents.

Year 1 children and their parents made salad wraps. Delicious and healthy!

Year 1 making Vegetable stir fry.

Year 2 made flatbread pizzas. I think this is one of our favourites!

Year 3 children and parents made a vegetable stir fry.

Yr 4 and their parents have been making healthy burgers.

On Geography day year 4 made a delicious Malaysian rice dish.

Year 5 and their parents made flat breads and dips.

Year 6 made a delicious carrot and coriander soup and bread rolls.