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Welcome to Nursery!


Your learning journey at EFPS starts here, year Nursery where the children have fun learning through play! The term begins with transitional links from home  working together in partnership with parents/carers. We will be observing how your child learns and develops with their journey throughout each term. Your child will be learning in a safe and stimulating environment indoors and out.


Before children start in the nursery parents and carers are sent a 'All about me booklet' to complete and return this includes details about the child's family and important celebrations and events in family life. Information about your child's physical development,meals, speech and language, favourite animals, books, foods and family members. All of this information is used by the nursery practitioners as the basis for planning to support your child's development and learning.Stay and share sessions are offered with the sharing of your child's learning diary.


Nursery staff work effectively through leading sessions directly and through high-quality interactions with children during planned and child initiated play activities. Adult led sessions develop children's communication skills modelling language,showing,explaining,demonstrating,questioning,encouraging,facilitating and stimulating children throughout the day.


Characteristics of Effective Learning encompasses how your child learns in EYFS. Practitioners will observe how your child learns through play and their preferred learning style.

*Playing and Exploring 

*Active Learning

*Creating and Thinking Critically


The EYFS curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning and development;


3 Prime Areas:

Personal, social and emotional development

Communication, and language

Physical development


4 specific areas:



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design

Take a look at Nursery in action!

 Here are some useful websites to support parents/carers whilst their child are at home:

www.Lettersandsounds phase 1,2,3,4,5 games daily phonic lessons are now on line - have fun!



Most of the Nursery children will have accessed these websites in school as part of their learning journey. There is also lots of ideas and suggestions to support home learning on our Class Do Jo's .