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Year 6

Last Year's Wonderful Remote Learning

Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 is the final year of your time as part of the Elms Farm community! In this year, we work hard to improve our independence and maturity in preparation for secondary school and look at how we can become a role model to the younger children. We also usually prepare for our SATs examinations but with online learning, these are not taking place this year.

Our topics encompass a range of activities and learning from all around the globe.

Our first topic is all about Mexico and The Maya , where we learn about the Ancient Maya and their traditions; discover the human and physical features of Mexico; learn all about the desert biome and the things that live here; explore the works of Frida Kahlo; and enjoy the book Holes, learning all about Stanley Yelnats and how he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Our second topic is 'What Survives in Polar Regions', in which we investigate colder climates of the world and the Arctic regions; look at adaptation of plants and animals to their harsh climate; look at environmental issues affecting our Polar ice caps and oceans; explore the journeys of Matthew Henson, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott; and even travel to the magical world of Narnia with our class text.

After Christmas, we move to study 'What was the Impact of World War 2 on the West Midlands', where we study the second World War in detail; read the heart-warming story of Goodnight Mister Tom; look at the troubles and difficulties of evacuaees; create speeches from Princess Elizabeth; and spend time creating and testing our own Anderson Shelters.

Our final topic looks at the Industrial Revolution and how this affected Birmingham, detailing Victorian Britain and how our country has developed since the Industrial Revolution. We study Queen Victoria; the different roles of children; the exhibition of Crystal Palace; the incredible works of William Morris; and look into the life of a Street Child in our class text.


Our children love being in Year 6 and the younger children look forward to it! 


Our team works incredibly hard and look forward to you seeing all of our exceptional work!

School Shakespeare Event

Spring Term- Online Learning


All of our remote learning is posted on Class Dojo. Children can also access these files through BGFL365, using their own accounts. 


In this term, our focus is on World War 2, where we are studying how WW2 impacted upon the West Midlands.

Topic Focus: What was the Impact of WW2 on the West Midlands?
English Text: Goodnight Mister Tom
Maths Focus: Percentages, Decimals and Algebra