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Year 5

Miss Osborne and Mr Clarke welcome you to Year 5!


Year 5 is in an important year in your child's education, as it prepares them for Year 6 and their future SATs tests. They continue to develop skills learnt in Lower Key Stage 2, across a broad and balanced curriculum, in which the following topics will be explored. It is essential that pupils continue to read daily on Bugclub and practise their times table facts and number bonds through TTRS and MyMaths.

We enjoy following Talk for Writing through our English lessons, with the children having the opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of exciting texts, through the imitation, innovation and independent stages of our process. Our model texts this year include: The great Kapok tree, Touching the void, Isis and Osiris, The Prince and the Pauper, Fox and Alien Landings. 

In maths, we enjoy challenging ourselves to use a variety of mathematical concepts and resources to solve Do it, Twist it Deepen it and Super Challenge problems. Our children are encouraged to be independent learners, solving these problems in a way that best suits their learning.


Our Topics include a range of exciting learning activities from around the globe and throughout the history of time.


Our autumn topics consist of -

What is a river's journey? In which we follow a river from it's source all the way to it's mouth. Along the way, we learn about the parts of rivers and how the water cycle contributes to life on Earth. We also learn about mountains and their origins.


In the spring term, we study -

The achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and explore how they used the River Nile to support their life in Ancient Egypt. We also learn about the Pyramids and the Pharaohs they were built for.

What Henry VIII's reign meant for Britain? During this topic, we learn all about life in Tudor Britain and the impact of King Henry VIII on his people and the legacy of this on our country today.   


In the summer term, our topics are -

Why does the USA have different time zones? In which we learn about how the size of the USA leads to a number of different biomes existing in the same country. 

What's beyond the sky? In this topic, year 5 explore the space beyond the sky and discover where we fit in the universe and beyond. 


In year 5, we are lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a number of school trips, including Carding Mill Valley, and welcome visitors who are experts in their field such as an Egyptologist. 








Some useful websites to practise your key skills, consolidate knowledge.