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Music at Elms Farm


We are extremely lucky at Elms Farm as we have staff expertise within school that help to lead the subject to help us to learn all of the technical elements of the subject, in addition to widening our appreciation of different styles. This is set out in our Learning Journey below and enriched through our assemblies when we listen to a range of musical genres. This helps us to develop our understanding of how music has developed over time.


Each week we have music teachers attending school to teach Year 4 brass instruments-this enables every child at Elms Farm to learn how to play an instrument and nurture interest in the subject. Our music teachers also deliver keyboard lessons in Key Stage 2.



We are currently rewriting our music curriculum using Kapow and technical vocabulary understanding. We are part of the local Arts Connect group who work together to develop provision in the arts in our local schools. We are also working towards our Artsmark Award.


Music Lessons at EFPS

See our virtual music library further on down this webpage for topic linked music. 

Curriculum Enrichment

Year 2 had an African drumming workshop so that they could learn more about African culture. 

Pupils in key stage 2 have participated in the Singing Playgrounds project. They have learnt songs to teach other children at play times. 

Writing through music

This is our voice project

Year 5 were very lucky to be given the opportunity to perform a concert at Ruddock Hall. 

Learning journey

Listening and appraising through assemblies

See our virtual music library below for links to the music that we listen to in assemblies.

Our Virtual Music Library

At Elms Farm we are learning to appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music from a range of composers and musicians. Our virtual music library helps us to continue learning about different styles of music in school and at home. 


Which style of music do you like? 

Which instruments can you hear? 

What does the music remind you of?

How does the music make you feel? 


Click the links below the images to listen to the music in the virtual music library



Film Music Virtual Library

Baroque Period Virtual Music Library