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UNICEF World Children's Day - November 2019

Harvest Festival 2019 - We have the right to eat nutritious food (Article 24)

We collected lots of food for our local food bank.
Rvd Susan explained how our food will help people
Life Education Bus. The children love Harold!
Health and Safety Week

                                               PSHE at Elms Farm School

In our PSHE curriculum, our school aims to tackle a range of world issues and teach children how to become better people and better citizens and members of the community. We do this by instilling British Values into our children, looking at the meaning behind the rule of law, democracy, individual liberty (and individuality) and respect for different cultures, faiths and beliefs. We also aim to teach our children about different types of relationships and to understand the different relationships they will encounter in their lives.


These key values are endorsed by the school's work alongside UNICEF, within their Rights Respecting Schools Award, in which the school received a silver award. The rights are crucial to the school's ethos and are encouraged by the team of Rights Respecting Rangers.


Themed Weeks and Workshops

To ensure a full coverage of the PSHE curriculum, the school involves itself in different events throughout the year.


  • Health and Safety Week- The largest of these is the Health and Safety Week. This week involves visitors from different agencies such as Dogs' Trust, RNLI, Red Cross and The Life Education Caravan, which teaches children about different age appropriate elements, e.g. healthy diets or drugs and medicines.
  • Safer Internet Day- In a changing time and with such impressive technology, it is crucial our children learn about how to safely navigate the internet and different forms of social media. Alongside providing parents with assemblies and online information, we also educate the children on the correct way of being safe while online.
  • Anti-Bullying Week- Including visitors and a performance from an external workshop, we ensure that children are aware of the definition of bullying and what to do if they are worried about any issues inside and outside of school.

Educational Visits

Although all of our educational visits incorporate elements of PSHE and citizenship, the school also visit the Safeside Centre: a small village set up by the West Midlands Fire Service to encourage children's grasp of PSHE. The visit includes money safety, road safety, fire prevention and safety and making a call to the emergency services.

Children's Rights- UNICEF