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Pastoral Team

Welcome to the Pastoral Page!


If your child is receiving pastoral support, you will find lots of useful links and resources on this page. 


Meet the Pastoral Team

Miss Adebisi (Senior Learning Mentor)
Miss Willis (Learning Mentor)
Miss Prendergast (Learning Mentor)

Wellbeing and Mindfulness


Here is a video of breathing exercises you can do, this is great to use when you're feeling worried, having a bad day or it could be something you do to start your day.


Here is Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel, it is a great way for children to keep active, practice mindfulness and tell stories through Yoga.


Here is Go Noodle YouTube channel, it is has a variety of short activities for children to keep them engaged and motivated throughout the day.


Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

Transition Back to School

Reward Charts


Below are a variety of reward charts, these can be used at home to reinforce positive behaviour and can often help motivate children to complete tasks such as their homework or going to bed on time.