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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 is an important transition year, the first year in Juniors. It is an opportunity for the children to grow in independence and flourish within an exciting, stimulating, safe environment.  


Reading, writing and topic lessons are based on the Cornerstones Curriculum. This provides a fun, motivational, learning program that includes: Gods and Mortals, Tribal Tales, Heroes and Villains, Tremors, Predators and Flow. Creativeness, independent thinking, and wider engagement is facilitated through the curriculum.


In English, we use Talk for Writing. This involves a three-step approach: Imitate, Innovate and Invent. The following books are used: 'Greek Myths' by Marcia Williams, 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King, '101 Dalmatians' by Dodie Smith, 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit, 'Charlotte's Webb by E.B. White and 'This Morning I met a Whale' by Michael Morpurgo.


Mastery Maths is taught using the Shanghai approach which enables children to use equipment as an introduction to strategies providing a secure foundation, fluency follows where strategies are practiced then applied to reasoning and word problems. Additionally, we have the use of Times Table Rockstars and MyMaths to support learning. 


In Science the learning is child-led and the children experience a variety of hands on practical investigations. In Music we use 'The Music Service' and Charanga. In PE, we are very fortunate to be supported by the sports coaches Mr Root and Mr Hetherington. In Art, we look at using a variety of techniques, such as sculpture, colour wash, printing and sketching. We study artists including Anthony Gormley, Andy Warhol and Andy Goldsworthy. In French, we follow the Lightbulb Learning scheme - très bien! In Computing, we learn simple programming using j2code, research and presentation skills using PowerPoint/J2e5, how to collect data using Forms and how to produce digital artwork using iPads.


It is our expectation that children will read everyday at home.



Autumn Term in Year 3

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