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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Mr Clarke and Miss Chumber would like to welcome you to Year 3. It is an important transition year as it is the first year in Juniors. It is an opportunity for the children to grow in independence and flourish within an exciting, stimulating, safe environment.  


Our lessons are based around an exciting new curriculum in which your children will be taught the following six topics:


1) How do I use a map?

2) Stone Age to Iron Age: How did Britain change?

3) What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

4) Why is Greece popular?

5) How do natural disasters affect the world?

6) Who has helped change the world?

School Shakespeare Event

Year 3 Home Learning

All of our remote learning is posted on Class Dojo.

Our current Topic is called 'What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?'

We are currently using the text 'Theseus and the Minotaur' to support our learning in English.

In Maths, we have recently completed the topics Number: Multiplication and Division and Measurement: Money. We are currently studying Statistics. 



Autumn Term in Year 3

Spring Term in Year 3