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Late/Absence Procedures

Good attendance & punctuality is very important to us at Elms Farm School. Good attendance is essential to make sure that children do not miss any learning. It also helps to prepare them for life after primary school.

We have a dedicated Attendance Leader, Miss Pettitt, who supports families to help to improve attendance and punctuality.

We see good attendance and punctuality as an essential life skill for children to develop, preparing them for Secondary school and the world of work beyond.

Our minimum expectation is that children arrive at school on time and maintain at least 96% attendance.

We have a whole school approach to attendance which means that it is monitored on a daily basis. Those pupils for whom attendance is not sustained at the minimum percent will have attendance plans put in place by Miss Pettitt or a member of the Senior Management Team. Should attendance not improve, the school follows the Birmingham Authority guidelines which, once the processes have been followed and support given to families, court fines can be issued if there are no improved levels of attendance.


The gates close at 9am each day, when children need to be in class for registration. After this time, children should enter via the main school office. Registers close at 9.05am, after which, children will receive a late mark. Miss Pettitt monitors punctuality so it is important that your child is in school on time so no learning is missed.


If your child is unwell, we ask that you call the office on 0121 464 4634 by 9.30am. Following this time, staff will contact parents/carers if a reason for absence has not been provided. If we are unable to make contact, absence is recorded as 'unauthorised'-speaking to us is therefore essential. If we are unable to make contact with you, home visits may be carried out as part of our safeguarding procedures. 


We ask that any medical appointments are made outside of school hours, however, when this is not possible, you must inform the school.


In accordance with Local Authority procedures, in term holidays are not authorised and may result in a fine being issued.